"Woerpel Trucking is a reliable, on-time delivery carrier that I can count on consistently."

Stuart Clifcorn
Distribution Manager
Citrus Systems Madison, LLC

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Why Woerpel?

With the number of jobs we've done since we began business in 1976, we know a thing or two about safe, efficient, reliable transportation. We haul across all 48 states for our clients.

We take pride in running quality, safe equipment, and regularly invest in new equipment for our fleet.

About Woerpel Trucking

Depend on us, we depend on you.

Fred Woerpel began hauling in 1976 with a single truck – a 1973 Kenworth W900 that pulled a chemical tanker.

About Fred Woerpel Trucking

Fred believed in working hard, being honest, and doing a good job for his customers. He had a strong drive to succeed, and wanted to show his customers each day that they could trust him to get the job done, and get it done right. Those values paid off, and Fred slowly expanded. He bought a second truck, then a third, and began hiring drivers. Fred incorporated the business in 1990, and is now up to 11 trucks.

Woerpel Trucking believes strongly that their drivers are their salespeople. Their appearance, attitude, how they communicate with customers and treat others reflects on the company as a whole. Drivers needs to be qualified, experienced and get the job done. As Fred says, "My drivers are representing my business. Our drivers take responsibility for their work. They are honest and go out of their way for our customers."

In addition to the trucking division, Woerpel also operates a dump truck company, hauling in and around Madison, Wisconsin.

Woerpel Trucking, Inc. carries $250,000 in cargo insurance (more than the "standard" $100,000 in cargo insurance).

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